Overview of Starlight Family

Starlight Family is a UK based charity, in partnership with Starlight Family Kiboga Uganda, dedicated to raise funds to support orphans and vulnerable children and adults in Nasuuna and Nakassagazi villages, Kiboga, Uganda. Starlight Family’s young founder in Uganda, Lukyamuzi James was himself an orphan and street child and knows the difficult conditions faced by many living in his local area today. His charismatic and selfless attitude has nurtured the organisation since 2010 reaching out to those who are in need of practical and emotional support living in places often too remote to receive support from other aid agencies.

Lukyamuzi James pictured in 1989 when he was under the care of St Noah's Family Orphanage Home managed by Reveland Father Peter Hooyscar.

Visit to Starlight Family 2014

During our visit to distribute financial and material donations in December 2014 we observed
the levels of poverty in the area and the lack of infrastructure and funding. It was apparent how even a little of our help can make a big difference in their lives and so we decided to continue to help.Currently donations are helping with food, clothing, shelter, medicinal and educational needs of the beneficiaries. In the long term we aim to undertake projects that will raise standards of living and help Starlight Family Kiboga to become self supporting.

Overview of projects

Thanks to the kindness of people and the hard work of Lukyamuzi James we have been able to touch the lives of many and make a real difference to them. To read about some of our recent achievements please click here.
We request your continued support so that we can sustain what has been achieved already. Also there are urgent and long term  projects that we are seeking to fund some of which are listed below.

Urgent Projects

Starlight School

Starlight Family Charity school provides much needed support and education to impoverished and orphaned children in the area – helping them and the community towards a better future. Although we do not receive government funding we need to adhere to government guidelines in order to stay operational. With help from our supporters we have been able to keep the school inspectors satisfied that we are cooperating and striving to fulfill the requirements. However the list of things to achieve is starting to mount up and we fear without some financial support the school may be forced to close in the not too distant future. Most recently we were told that we urgently needed to provide on-site accommodation for our teachers. Starlight Family directors started the process using their own limited savings but help is needed for the final stages. School inspectors have also advised that we need to concrete the school floor to provide more sanitary conditions for the children and prevent infection by jiggers. Finally we are unable to fulfill the required number of teachers as we do not have enough income to meet their monthly wages. Your help with our ongoing costs to keep the school running would be gratefully received.
UPDATE August 2018
After a visit from the school inspector we have been informed that the cementing of the classrooms and the teacher's accommodation must be finished in the next few weeks for them to allow the school to remain open. Please visit our support page if you are able to provide financial assistance http://www.friendsofstarlightfamily.org/support 

Teaching at school

Some of the current school teachers
                                                                                              Work started on the school teachers accommodation

Renovation of community water source

Renovation of the local spring well that supplies water for three villages is urgently needed to avoid health issues that are associated with stagnant water which has previously led to illness and death in the community. Uganda is currently experiencing a drought which makes it even more urgent to upgrade the water facility so that it can provide water that is both plentiful and safe.

Community Outreach Water Project

Update July 2018

Hooray! The water is flowing and being enjoyed by all.

Update April 2018

We are extremely happy to report that the funds have been raised for the completion of the borehole. After completion of the paper work we hope the water will soon be flowing

Update March 2018

The Ugandan Water Project (www.ugandanwaterproject.com) has recently confirmed that the local spring  is contaminated and unfortunately beyond rehabilitation. However we are excited to share that we have an opportunity to become part of a community project to finish a borehole in the local area that has been successfully drilled but couldn’t be completed due to lack of local funds. The borehole is in a good position to serve the needs of Starlight Family charity and the local community. A current GoFundMe fundraiser aims to raise the money needed to complete the borehole and provide a good water source that is so desperately needed.

                location of unfinished borehole

                             unfinished borehole

Next steps-

Donations can be made via our website or directly via the GoFundMe campaign. If you donate using the website specifically for this cause please contact us to let us know so we can make sure your donation goes to where it was intended. Donations will go towards the cost of equipment and labour to finish the borehole. Details of the materials needed and the agreement regarding its usage upkeep can be viewed here   and here


Improving Living Conditions for Starlight Orphans

Currently Starlight Family looks after 14 children making sure that their physical and emotional needs are cared. Funding to support these children comes from a combination of Starlight Family enterprises such as the sale of crops and crafts and from financial and material donations from friends across the globe. Although improvements have been made over the last years, due to lack of finance living conditions for the orphans are far from ideal affecting their health and quality of life. The main issue is that of a suitable size building. Ten children are being looked after by one caretaker in a building that is too small. A recent visit to Starlight by long-time supporter David P. Armrein has led to German architect Volker Goebel designing suitable budget accommodation for the children and their caretakers and generously offering to oversee the project. David and another funder will potentially cover two thirds of the cost of construction. Therefore to see this huge improvement for the lives of the children we only need to raise in the region £4873. Your support in this would have a huge positive impact for these and future children. Information on donating can be found here or at gofundme  please contact us if you have any questions.

UPDATE August 2018

This wonderful new home is nearly ready for the orphans to move in to. To finish the project we need to raise the final £873. Thank you for being there with us so far please help us to share the campaign so the children can benefit from this wonderful building that the love and care from people near and far has helped to create

Update April 2018

Now work on the roof has started thanks to the generosity of our friends. Still funds are needed for the interior work, fixtures and fittings. If you'd like to help complete this home for the children  please visit our GoFundMe fundraiser https://www.gofundme.com/a-proper-home-for-starlight-orphans

Update March 2018

The orphanage is starting to shape up. Thank you all for your support so far. If you'd like to help complete this home for the children  please visit our GoFundMe fundraiser https://www.gofundme.com/a-proper-home-for-starlight-orphans

Starlight Family Orphans



Some of the children under the care of Starlight Family    Caretaker Janet and some of the orphans outside the current house

Inside the current house                                                    Supporter David with architect Volker discussing the proposed design


The proposed orphanage design

Orphanage Costings

Bill of Quantities and Prices Orphanage House

Work on the orphanage begins

                          Foundations being laid

Health Projects

One of the current urgent issues for the beneficiaries of Starlight Family is that of soil borne parasites such as Jiggers.
Jiggers, or chigoe fleas, are sand fleas found in Sub-Saharan climates that burrow into the skin and lay eggs. They cause swelling, itching and infection and the pain leaves many people with walking problems. Severe cases can lead to amputation and even death. The only way to remove the jiggers is to cut them out of the feet - usually with no anaesthetic. Jiggers burrow into the skin of animals like dogs, cats, rats, pigs, cattle and sheep, so people living in rural areas are likely to catch them. They are also found in the dust and on dirt floors of many homes and schools. Jiggers is an issue for the children attending Starlight Family School. Two ways in which Starlight Family are hoping to combat the problem are through the provision of shoes and by cementing the floor of the school classrooms.


December update

Wonderful news! Our new friend Magda has chosen the children of Starlight Family to be the recipients of her Share your Shoe campaign whereby she has been collecting shoes and clothing to send to children in India and Africa. Her GoFundMe is raising money for the cost of shipping the shoes. Please support it  www.gofundme.com/share-your-shoe

Arrival and distribution of the donatioms

Developing the Farm

Thanks to our supporters we have been able to fence the farm enabling us to be able to use it to grow crops, providing food and income for our charity school, orphans and to help support the local community. Thanks to another kind donation Lukyamuzi James, director of Starlight Family will be able to be trained in organic gardening so the farm can become an organic training center for the region. We are looking for people to help support us further and provide much needed items to help us achieve our vision and move closer to becoming self supporting.
We are looking for help to fund the following:
A reservoir for water storage
Sheds for tool storage and facilitating organic workshops
Gardening tools
Plants and seeds

Update March 2018

Work is progressing in the organic farm thanks to financial donations and donations of seeds from our supporters.

Farm Update

                                                                                           Improving the irrigation pond at the farm thanks to received donations


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