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Sponsoring an orphan gives you the chance to make a huge and often life changing difference in the life of a child. Your sponsorship provides for their basic physical needs such as food, shelter, clothing, medical and educational needs.
However your sponsorship is important in another way as well  as it shows the child that someone in the world cares enough about him or her. For an orphan who has never had the benefit of a loving family any relationship can be a life changing relationship.
We try our best to match our sponsor with a particular child and where possible establish some type of communication link between them.
We will provide regular updates as to how your child is being benefited by your donation.

This is 6 year old Nabakooza Tracey who was orphaned when she was only one year old. Starlight Family have been looking after her since and recent donations to Starlight Family have helped to support her with a mosquito net, her school fees and other basic needs. Tracey is a bright young girl who dreams of becoming a doctor in the future. Please contact us if you can help us to give Tracey a good upbringing fulfilling her basic  needs and supporting her in her aspirations.

Please contact us to find out more.