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Volunteer in Uganda

Come and share the experience that you will never forget in your life!

Starlight Family Kiboga Project Location.

The Starlight Family Kiboga Uganda Volunteer Office is located in Kiboga town in Kiboga District. Kiboga is a medium sized town there are a few internet cafes, several churches, convenience stores, a bank, a private clinic, a public hospital and small food markets.,31.7674325,15z/data=!4m2!6m1!1szt7zeKb9N-Pk.kuNlobXZh5yA

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Starlight Family volunteers are expected to pay for their trip including accommodation and expenses. We also encourage them to fund raise to support Starlight Family before they visit and/ or collect material donations to bring with them.

Volunteering opportunities include:

Teaching in the classroom especially in English Language and Mathematics.

Counseling and guidance to the children.

Inspire the kids with sharing of talks, stories and experiences from their home background.

Helping children who have learning difficulties to improve their academic work.
Helping the community by teaching the Elderly members of the community how to read and write, sanitation and responsible living.

Spending time with the children  having fun with them, teaching them  to play sports and entertainment like football,netball,volleyball,music,dance and drama.

Farm work on our organic farm, looking after at the perennial crops, like fruits and banana gardens and the seasonal crops like vegetables greens ,maize,beans,cassava ,onions and work in our piggery project which is run and operated by the school, whose products are actually are used by the Starlight children.

Those volunteers who have special talent in cooking can train our kids and local women with cooking and catering skills and at the same time cook for our children.

For those volunteers who have interest in manual labor can actually join us as we go in digging,slashing,planting of trees,keeping the community and school clean and other activities at the orphanage and school.
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